Thank You Springfield!

Thank you for voting to repeal the "pit bull" ban!

This is Chuckie. He's a former Rescue One dog that was recently adopted by a loving family in Springfield. Without your no vote, dogs like Chuckie would no longer be allowed to be adopted into forever homes in Springfield.

There is still important information that all Springfield "pit bull" owners need to be aware of. The vote on August 7 only repealed the ban of new pit bull registrations in Springfield. The 2006 ordinance still stands. You are still required to register your "pit bull" type dog with Animal Control and abide by all the other ordinances that were in effect before the ban was passed and repealed.

We don't want anyone to think BSL is history in our city. It isn't. But perhaps this landslide victory will help us make that dream come true for these dogs and their families.

Chuckie says "Thank you!"

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